5 Signs to show that he will Marry you

Women always find themselves dreaming about the future and children even before the man has thought about staying with you. He are some 5 tips to assure you that there’s a sure future with a man.

He talks in terms of “we” not “I”

When a guy often talks about you doing things together as a couple, it’s a sure sign that he sees the two of you spending a lot of time together. This means he perceives both of you as a single entity and his bachelor days are far behind. It’s one of the best signs ever!

He enjoys spending time at home with you.

It’s good when you can have fun with your boyfriend, but what really matters is when the two of you can get all domestic at home and still spend great time.

He’s with you even when things aren’t going too smooth.

If your man is not afraid to be around when you hit rock bottom, it’s a sure sign he treasures you more than anything. It’s easy to be together when all is well, but sticking through the rough patches requires some serious care and devotion. This means the two of you can overcome any trouble together, and that’s more than any of us could ask for.

You buy something together
Whether it’s a dog, a gadget, or a new house, buying things together and sharing responsibilities means you’re in the relationship for a long time. First you bring up a dog together and then, who knows, maybe you’ll have kids, too?

You are part of his family
If you’ve reached that stage of relationships when you are expected to show up at his family gatherings, you’re doing something right. We often miss that moment when we basically become part of the family, overcoming the awkwardness of meeting his mom and dad for special occasions. Hey, now you probably meet them just to have fun together, just like you do with your own family!

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