Beuty Tips: How to get rid of adult acne

In comparison to the Teen acne, Adult acne tends to be more stubborn especially if past experiences have increased the skin’s microbes resistant to treatment.

Acne refers to the skin disease involving sebum, keratinization, and bacteria, It can range from very mild acne consisting of mostly blackheads, to severe cystic acne, according to quora.com.

There are various treatment levels which are listed below:

Dermatologist’s prescriptions

Most times, antiseptics and anti-inflammatory agents containing benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A derivatives which prevents pore plugging like retinoids or antibiotics are prescribed.

Also common acne pills and creams causes dryness, redness, flare-ups and flaking at the initial stage, taking up to eight weeks or more before seeing improvements.

Most times, patients stop taking their prescriptions before it even starts working at all due to their wits-end, so make sure you understand how to use your prescription and what to expect from it.

Wash your face twice daily

While waiting for the medications to start taking effect, try not to pick or scrub aggressively at your acne because it could result to scarring. Wash the face gently instead not more than twice daily.

In situations where treatments don’t work, speak to a doctor so you can explore other options. Others like oral contraceptives, meant for women only can be used to dial back hormones that causes the skin to produce excessive oil.

Adult Acne requires a lot of patience, but with help from professionals, almost all cases can be dealt with.

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