6 foods you should not give your baby

It’s tempting to share your meal with the baby especially when they are crying over it.

But not everything you eat is ideal for your baby when they are still young. Some foods are super delicious and nutritious but not healthy for your baby until they are much older.

Check out some of the foods you should avoid feeding your baby:

  1. Honey
Honey – contains bacteria that may harm the baby (Daily Family NG)

This sweet and healthy snack might seem like a good option to calm the baby but it’s not. Honey may contain harmful bacteria that leads to botulism, muscle paralysis and other illnesses. This is because a child’s immune system is still too low to fight the bacteria. But once they are over one year, they can enjoy having it.

2. Cow milk

Cow milk is hard to digest (Kenya Crazy Media)

Cow milk is no doubt nutritious but only fit for kids over one year and adults. Breast milk or baby formula is the best for young babies. Cow milk contains lots of proteins that may be harmful to the baby’s kidneys and it’s also hard to digest.

  1. Sugary foods

You are not doing your child any good by feeding them with those sweets and biscuits. Sugar has been found to contribute to weight problems and cardiovascular diseases in kids as they grow up. Instead of the sweets and sodas, feed them with sweet fruits and fresh juices until they are over two years.

  1. Egg whites

Eggs are a great source of proteins. However, the egg white may contain bacteria that leads to stomach complications in babies. Also, introducing your child to them at a very tender age may trigger allergic reactions.

Eggs may cause allergies (Kenya Crazy Media)
  1. Citrus fruits

The Vitamin C contained in oranges and strawberries is great for the body. Even so, their acidic nature might harm the baby’s delicate digestive system.

  1. Whole nuts

Whole nuts are a choking hazard to little ones and you should avoid them by all means. Unless they are in a refined form, nuts and other solid foods such as carrots should be kept away from kids until they are much older enough.


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