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6 clear signs you need to stay single for a while

Signs you need to be single (MadameNoire)

Sometimes being in a relationship can be overwhelming. And at such moments, it’s okay to take a break.

But how do you know if it’s time to give relationships a break? Well, check out these signs:

  1. You are not certain

It happens that sometimes you are not sure if you really want to be in a relationship. Or if you really want to be with the person you are with. If you feel like you still need some time to clearly think about your own life and whether you should be dating, just take a break.

  1. You are not happy
Unhappy couple (The New Times)

Challenges and fights are part of every relationship. But the beauty of it is learning how to solve your problems, burying the past and moving on happily like nothing happened. But if you find nothing to smile about in your relationship, try being single for a while.

  1. You just feel like being single

Being single killed no one. And, sometimes you are simply not in the mood of dating and committing to a relationship. If you just feel like enjoying your own company, just enjoy being single for a while and don’t force yourself into any relationship yet.

  1. Been hopping from one relationship to another

Moving from one relationship to another is a recipe to more trouble. If you have been recently hoping from one relationship to another seeking for consolation and happiness, you need to take a break. Take some time being single to evaluate yourself, your life, and the mistakes you might have made in your previous relationships.

  1. You’ve not recovered from a break up
A sad woman (Pond5)

Heartbreaks are painful and no one wants them. While it’s tempting to try and find love to get over your ex, it might be harder than you thought. Take your time to heal before jumping into another relationship.

  1. Goals

Relationships are goals as well. But if you have greater plans that need more time and focus, you should take some time off from relationships. If for instance you are travelling abroad for studies or a new job, there is no point of starting a new relationship as it might not lead you anywhere.


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