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6 tips to stop loving someone who does not love you back

How to stop loving someone who doesn't love you (360nobs)

Love is not always beautiful, sweet and epic. In fact, it’s boring and bitter when it’s one sided.

When you love so deeply, it hurts to know that the person does not love you back. And honestly, if they do not love you, they do not deserve you.

While it’s easy to say that you will stop loving someone because they do not love you, taking the action can be quite daunting.

Check out these tips on how to stop loving someone who does not give a damn about the deep feelings you have for them:

  1. Accept that they do not love you

This is the first step towards getting over that person who feels nothing about you. It’s not easy but you have to come to terms with the fact that they do not love you at all. Leaving in denial will only make it more difficult and hurt you more.

  1. Eliminate the memories

Love is a sophisticated affair and sometimes you can fall in love with the wrong person. For you stop loving that person who does not love you back and forget about them, you have to get rid of everything that reminds you of them. Burn any gifts, delete photos and block them on all social media platforms.

  1. Love yourself more

Take time to appreciate your worth and love yourself like never before. If you learn how important you are, you will not allow yourself to think so deeply of someone who does not love you.

  1. Don’t put them at the center of your life

This is just another human being like you and not some superior creature. You can live without them, be happy without them and your world should not come to an end because they can’t love you. Shift your attention to better things that make you happy and you will soon forget about them.

  1. Allow yourself to fall in love again

Life is too short to be mean to yourself. If you find yourself a new love who loves you back, don’t restrict yourself. Put your past behind you, love and let yourself be loved like never before.

  1. Distance yourself from them

If you keep on seeing the person, it will only hurt you more and remind you that they do not love you. Stay away from them and avoid any situations that brings you together.

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