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Some women fall out of love in their marriage, some women marry for the wrong reasons only to discover that they weren’t truly in love in the first place.

These are some of the differences that exist between a loving and unloving wife.

  1. A wife who truly loves you is a selfless woman and loves you unconditionally, but an unloving wife cares little about that and tries to make the marriage all about her.
  2. A loving wife will stick to her man through thick and thin, while an unloving wife bails out at the slightest trouble.
  3. A loving wife is her man’s biggest supporter; she is his cheerleader and makes him have hope even when there’s no hope.
  4. A loving wife is committed to the marriage; she’s committed to making it work and puts in efforts for it to be so. An unloving wife is nonchalant about the success of the marriage; she’s just in it for her selfish interest.
  5. A loving wife is committed to making her man better; she’s interested in his progress and tries to make him a better man. An unloving wife will bring her man down with her words and even compare him to another man.
  6. A loving wife lives within the means of that which she and her husband can provide. An unloving wife cares about her luxuries and still lives in her high horses.
  7. Love is shown by your deeds, and a loving wife creates a peaceful and loving home for her husband, but an unloving wife criticises, ridicules and nags all the time.
  8. A loving wife is contented with her home, accepts even the flaws of her husband, she’s patient and she cares about his happiness. An unloving wife is just the opposite, and she causes a quarrel at the slightest instance.

Which kind of wife are you?

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