11 Tips Of Homemade Natural Makeup Remover Recipe

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Top 11 Tips Of Homemade Natural Makeup Remover Recipe For Women To Apply

  1. Milk

The first of top 11 tips of natural makeup remover is to use milk which is known as a great natural ingredient for skin. Whole milk contains an abundance of the protein and fat content. They help remove dead skin cells without scrubbing, hydrate the skin and maintain proper moisture. Moreover, milk is so cheaper than most other makeup remover products.


You simply pour a small amount of raw milk into a bowl and then dip a cotton ball in this liquid.

Now, you squeeze this cotton ball to release the excess milk.

Next, you rub it over your entire face to clean up your makeup.

You may do this process 2 times.

Finally, you wash it off with warm water to get a makeup-free face.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is another impressive natural makeup remover. It is used for any skin type and is able to remove even the layer of the toughest waterproof makeup. Besides, olive oil aids in keeping your skin well-moisturized.


You firstly apply a little extra virgin olive oil on your face and gently massage for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then you wipe your face completely with cotton balls and you have a cleaned face.

Alternatively, you can also add 1 teaspoon each of baby shampoo and extra virgin olive oil in 1 glass of water. Mix them well and use as needed.

  1. Rose Water

Rose water plays a role as a wonderful natural makeup remover for all types of skin. It has the ability to cleanse your skin and acts as a great facial toner. Plus, it is useful for adding a radiant glow to the skin. To use rose water, you should follow these steps below:


You simply put a bit of rose water on a cotton pad.

You gently wipe your entire face with it to notice the satisfied results.

  1. Cucumber

Many commercial makeup remover products use cucumber as one of the important ingredients. Cucumber is able to soothe the skin naturally and is perfect to use as a toner after you wash the face due to its natural oil-busting and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, if you often have red spots or get breakouts from other cleansers, using cucumber is an ideal option. To use cucumber as a natural makeup remover, you should follow these methods:


At first, you extract a little cucumber juice into a small bowl and pour it into a spray bottle.

You spray this juice on your face and then use a wipe to clean your skin.

Finally, you wash your face off with clean water.

If you want to remove waterproof or heavy makeup, you can do the direction below:


You mix olive oil and cucumber juice in a ratio of 1:2.

You gently rub this solution on your entire face and then clean it with a soft cloth.

Finish by rinsing your face off with plain water.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is also known as one great ingredient for natural makeup remover, especially around your eye areas. Avocado contains a plenty of vitamins A, D and E  and the omega-3 fatty acids which work as an effective moisturizing eye cream. Moreover, it is helpful for nourishing your skin and removing makeup.


You firstly cut a ripe avocado into two equal parts.

You take a small bowl and put a part of avocado in it.

Then you dip a cotton swab in the bowl.

Now, you softly swipe it across your eye areas to watch your makeup disappear like magic.

Finally, you use a wet towel to get rid of the rest of the avocado from your eyes.

  1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

As you know, there are many extremely fantastic uses of coconut oil for beauty care. It works as a natural makeup remover, lip balm, moisturizer and much more. Hence, coconut oil is one of the important ingredients that you must keep on hand. The oil has the ability to clean your skin without drying. Besides, it is beneficial in removing basically all kinds of makeup, from the most pigmented lipstick to the darkest mascara.


At first, you rub a small amount of extra virgin coconut oil in your palms to allow this oil to melt into liquid form.

Then you apply the liquid oil over your entire face and gently massage.

You use a cotton ball or tissue to wipe everything off your face.

Finish by rinsing your face with warm water to remove the excess oil as well as makeup.

To cleanse eye makeup, you can simply put a little extra virgin coconut oil on a cotton pad and wipe your eye makeup with it.

Note: If you are prone to acne or have an oily face, you should not apply coconut oil.

  1. Aloe Vera

To avoid the use of commercial makeup removers and the harmful influence of these chemicals on your skin, you can use aloe vera as a natural makeup remover at the end of the day. The slippery aloe vera gel is able to easily collect makeup residue and make your skin clean. Moreover, it is a popular and suitable ingredient for all skin types. In addition, it also gives your skin a radiant glow.


You firstly use a cotton ball and put a small amount of extracted aloe vera gel onto it.

Then you swipe this cotton ball around your face to clean your makeup.

Finally, you wash your face with warm water, pat it dry and apply a little of light lotion before going to bed.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is usually available in your kitchen and it is effective for your skin. It works several different purposes, from helping moisturize your skin to relieving sunburns. Yogurt not only removes makeup but also softens your skin at the same time. This is the reason why this protein-rich product is the best natural makeup remover. You should use unsweetened yogurt instead of fruit yogurt for this solution. Although using yogurt is a bit messy and can drip, that is just a small price to pay for a beautiful skin.


You put a little plain yogurt in a small bowl and dip a clean cotton ball into it.

Then you wipe this cotton ball on your entire face in a circular motion.

You do the same process with another cotton ball if needed.

Finally, you wash off your face with cool water.

  1. Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is commonly used as a cuticle cream, moisturizer, and even as a hair mask because it mimics our own oil secretions. In addition, jojoba oil is also used as a natural makeup remover because it has the ability to effectively cleanse all types of makeup which include waterproof varieties. This oil is a very soft, non-clogging and pH-balancing makeup remover that people having acne-prone skin or sensitive can also use.


You simply mix water and jojoba oil in a ratio of 2:1.

You mix it well in a little bowl and then dip a cotton pad in this solution.

Now, you gently wipe it around your closed eyes and face.

You can use another cotton pad soaked in this same mixture to wipe away makeup as well as dirt.

Finally, you remove the oil by using a wet wipe.

  1. Banana

If you want to moisturize your skin and clean your makeup off your face at the same time, the best option is to use your favorite fruit – banana. The moisturizing property in the banana aids in keeping the skin moisturized, while its enzymes will do the work to cleanse makeup, and dirt from deep down in pores. This is the reason why it is known as another natural makeup remover.


At first, you mash a ripe banana to make a paste.

You add a small amount of honey to the paste and mix completely.

Now, you apply this paste all over your face like a mask.

You leave it on for 5 minutes.

Finally, wash it off with a warm towel to get a smooth, clean skin.

  1. Grape Seed Oil

The last of 11 tips of natural makeup remover is to apply grapeseed oil which is extracted from grape seeds contains an abundance of beta-carotene, vitamins D, C and E and fatty acids. These properties are able to treat acne, tighten skin, moisturize, help diminish dark circles around your eyes, restore collagen, reduce scars and fight aging. Plus, is effective for removing tough eye makeup, like the waterproof mascaras.


You firstly dampen your whole face with water.

Then you pour a little grapeseed oil onto a cotton pad and lightly press it onto your eye.

Next, you hold it there for several seconds before you gently rub your eyeliner and mascara away.

You repeat with another cotton pad if needed.

Finally, you use a light facial cleanser to rinse the rest of your face to remove any excess oil.

You have discovered top 11 tips of natural makeup remover at home. With these tips, you can do it yourself at home to make the natural makeup remover. All of them are made with natural ingredients, thus you can apply any of them without worrying about their side effects.

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