Four bizarre myths about pregnancy you should ignore

By Hivisasa

One of the most exciting periods in a woman’s life is pregnancy. There are a number of changes women experience when they become pregnant. It is worth noting that there are several things most people do not understand about pregnancy. Here are four bizarre myths about pregnancy that may surprise you.

  1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a common occurrence among women who are expectant. It is rumoured that women carrying a girl child are more likely to face this situation compared to the ones carrying a boy child. The reality is that both boys and girls make women experience morning sickness.

  1. Birth defects

Some people believe that when a woman shaves her hair during pregnancy she is likely to impact on the child’s vision. However, the vision of the child is never affected by the mother’s hair. Whether you cut your hair or not, it doesn’t not affect the child’s vision.

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  1. Mother’s beauty

It is claimed that a girl child often steals away the beauty of her mother. However, the reality is that changes in a woman’s looks occur regardless of the baby’s gender. A pregnant woman’s appearance is mostly affected in the first trimester due to different factors such as hormonal changes, morning sickness and the growing bump all which may cause exhaustion.

  1. Spices can burn the eyes of the unborn baby

Some people believe eating spices could lead to the burning of the eyes of the baby, which is not the case. Some women also believe that spices can cause miscarriages. So far there is no evidence to support the claims.

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