Revealed: Common food women like eating that expose them to risk of diabetes

By Hivisasa

An endocrinologist at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret town has cautioned women against the high consumption of food that contain carbohydrates or starch.

The specialist in diabetes Dr Mathew Koech has further revealed that food with a lot of starch makes one add weight quickly, a challenge he pointed out that is common among women and girls.

“The main cause of diabetes now and in future is an increase in weight, especially among women and girls. People need to critically consider what they eat and especially cut down and ugali, rice, chips and bread which has a lot of starch,” said Dr Koech during the marking of World Diabetes Day on Wednesday.

He further revealed that currently, 60 per cent of people suffering from diabetes across the country are women.

“Diabetes type two is the most common today,” noted Dr Koech who also advised Kenyans across the country to cultivate the culture of doing regular exercises as a way of cutting weight.

“People also need to go for BMI tests which are used as a measure to track weight status and as a screening tool to identify potential weight problems in individuals,” noted the endocrinologist.

Common warnings signs of diabetes include increased thirst, increased hunger (especially after eating), dry mouth, frequent urination or urine infections, unexplained weight loss (even though you are eating and feel hungry), fatigue (weak, tired feeling), blurred vision and headaches.

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