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Four stupid things that are making you poor

An estate for the poor [Source/pexels.com]

If you develop a culture of wasting money, you will die poorer than you ought to be. There are several decisions that we make that waste the cash we could have saved. For those of you who have less money just to meet your bills, you will die poor if you continue doing these four things.

  1. Aping others

The people you associate with have varied financial capabilities and priorities. In case you will be tempted to copy them, buy what they have, and generally live their lives, you will die a miserable man. Live your own life guided by your decisions that can only be supported by advice from professionals and trustworthy friends.

  1. Failing to compare prices

You have gone shopping several times and paid more than the actual value of the good or service you received. This results from the failure to compare prices. If you develop the culture of comparing prices, you will increase your savings. Do not shop in expensive stores for purposes of recognition.

  1. Failing to return faulty items

There are times when you buy something but notice that it does not function as expected. If you have not inflected any mechanical damage on it, you should return it regardless of its cost and get your money back or be given a working item. Failing to return it is wasting money.

  1. Throwing away leftovers

In case you find yourself throwing away leftover food, you have a social and economic problem. You are likely to be mean and you do not know how to cook and/or buy the right quantity of perishable foodstuffs. If this persists, you will lose money unnecessarily.

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