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Four makeup myths you need to stop believing

A woman applying makeup on her face [ Source/makeup.lovetoknow.com]

Women and makeup are inseparable. Women who want to look amazing need to take their makeup techniques to the next level. There are misconceptions about makeup that not only men believe but also women. Before you apply makeup, ensure you are aware of these myths. Here are four makeup myths everyone still believes.

1. Mascara

Many women do not know when they should get rid of mascara after applying the same. Most of them get rid of mascara once it becomes clumpy. The mascara should be removed after a period of three months has elapsed. The mascara is likely to produce bacteria that harm your eyes.

2. Concealer

Choosing the best concealer can be one of the most daunting tasks. Many buyers get stranded when searching for concealers. Always purchase a concealer that does not match with the tone of your skin if you want to look adorable.

3. Sleeping beauty

Some women go to bed with makeup all over their bodies. Have you ever asked yourself what makeup does to your body? Well, wearing makeup to your bed can lead to the clogging of the pores. Women who think that wearing makeup to bed makes them look amazing are very wrong.

4. Powder

Powder can be used on special occasions and not all the time. Women apply powder thinking that it can change the appearance of their skins, which is not true. Use of powder all over your face can affect your foundation.

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