Three things you should never do when online dating

Technology has expanded the avenue of getting love.
You do not need to be limited by physical boundaries when searching for someone.

This means online dating is a modern means of finding love.

However, these are three things you should never do when online dating:

1. Never take rejection as a personal thing

There are times you will hit on someone, and they will clearly make you aware that they are not interested.

This should never be taken as personal rejection.

In case you start internalising and excessively personalising rejections, you will block your matches from your life.

It is recommended that you appreciate rejection as a learning opportunity and move on.

2. Do not rush the process

Online dating is not safe compared to traditional dating.

This makes caution and patience virtues that should never be compromised.

Be patient even if the first date is taking ages to materialise.

Take a reasonable time and meet someone you will love spending your time with.

3. Never stick in a relationship that is not clicking

There are times you can be tempted to stay in a relationship with a person who is not your type.

Usually, this is done hoping that they would adjust and suit your demands.

You should explain, in a kind manner, the kind of person you were looking for and keep looking.

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