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Four bad styling habits to avoid if you have breakage-prone hair

Avoid using abrasive brushes [Source/vissastudios.com]

Is your hair prone to breakages? There are different reasons why your hair keeps breaking repeatedly.

Some of the common reasons include stress, too much colouring and poor styling habits.

If you are not sure why your hair has been breaking off, then you need to consult a stylist.

Here are four bad styling habits to avoid if you have breakage-prone hair:

1. Avoid abrasive hair ties

Selecting the best hair tie can be one of the most challenging tasks for women who are not informed about fashion matters.

Women are advised to avoid using abrasive ties to prevent hair breakage.

Look for the right ties for your hair, and also avoid tying your hair too tight since this could create tension and cause hair breakage.

2. Avoid washing your hair with hot water

Hot water is not good for washing your hair.

The high temperature could lead to the hair falling off over time. Hot water also strips the oils of your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

Make sure you stop using hot water to rinse your hair if you want it to be long and more attractive.

3. Do not blow-dry your hair on high setting

Do you blow dry your hair? Your hair could be breaking more often because you are blow drying at very high temperatures.

You should avoid the high temperatures because they could easily burn your hair hence causing breakage.

4. Avoid brushing your hair from the roots

Brush your hair from the ends, working your way up to avoid breakage.

Be careful whenever you are brushing your hair.

A small mistake could make you regret for months.

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