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3 ways to decline a man’s date invitation without hurting him


There is this man who wants to take you out for dinner, but you are not okay with the idea?

Turning down the man can be one of the most difficult tasks especially if he has been doing so for weeks.

You need to advise polite ways to tell him no.

Here are three ways to decline a date without hurting him:

1. Do so in person

Do not send someone to tell him that you will not make it.

It is recommended to do so in person.

The man will feel treasured if you spare some time to tell him in person that you won’t make it.

2. Don’t make excuses

Never give unnecessary excuses for not turning up for a date.

Be genuine to yourself.

Regardless of his way of thinking, just be frank enough to say no.

Some women find it hard telling men no when they should.

Learn to decline things that you are not okay with.

Never do things to please a man.

3. Tell him sooner rather than later

Do not wait until it is too late before you tell him.

As a woman who respects herself, tell him a day to the date.

Waiting until it is too late could compromise many things.

Remember, he could be planning for the date only for you to say no at the eleventh hour.

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