Three crucial things to do 24 hours before your wedding

In case you are counting days to your wedding, you have put in place different measures to ensure nothing goes wrong on the wedding day.

There are more things to be done before the biggest day of your life.

Make sure everything is in order before guests start trickling in.

Here are important things to do 24 hours before your wedding:

1. Check the weather

Never forget to check the weather before the wedding.

Even if you are planning to do an indoor wedding, it is advisable to observe the weather.

Remember the weather can spoil the mood of the day if you are not careful.

Put in place all the necessary measures if you want your wedding to be the best.

2. Check your wedding dress/shoes

It is recommended to check your dress and shoes before the big day.

Make sure that they are all in perfect condition.

Try on your wedding dress and shoes on the eve of the wedding.

They should fit perfectly if you want to enjoy the wedding.

Remember you are going to wear them the whole day.

Make sure they are comfortable to put on for long hours.

3. Contact all your vendors

Vendors can ruin your weddings if not contacted on time.

Call each of the vendors to confirm whether all is well.

Some of the vendors could show up late at the wedding with the supplies.

You need assurance from each of the vendors before that day.

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