3 simple ways to stop overthinking

It doesn’t make sense to overthink everything and take no action over the same. Sometimes we waste a lot of time thinking about things we do not have control over. The way you think can make big changes in your daily lives.

Here are simple ways to stop overthinking.

1. Embrace time limits for decision making

Do not spend the whole day in the name of thinking. Set a short period within which you can make decisions about your life. Have a phone reminder to enable you not to waste time on decision making.

2. Be action driven

Be propelled by actions rather than words. Learn to talk and do things. Empty words make no sense at the end of the day. Ensure you act upon everything you say in life. The faster you act the better for you.

3. Have an action plan

Always create an action plan for the things you want to do. The action plan will act as a guide towards the achievement of your dreams. Do not just talk and do nothing over the same. The plan must be realistic and achievable. It doesn’t add up to have a plan that you know very well you cannot stick to. Learn to have a plan that works and abide on the same all the time.

Source: Hivisasa

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