3 things to remember if you deeply love an alcoholic

Sad African couple [ Source/pulse.ng]

Is your partner addicted to alcohol?

Dating an alcoholic person is not easy.

There are many challenges you will encounter when you start dating someone who cannot do without alcohol.

However, you do not need to dump him or her if you truly love them.

Here are three crucial things to remember if you deeply love an alcoholic.

1. You are not to blame

Your partner’s addiction is not your fault.

You only need to support him or her get over the addiction.

Do not blame yourself for his or her addiction.

Understand that the addiction is a personal choice but stand with him or her until change comes your way.

2. Discuss with him or her

Education is very important when your partner is an addict.

Educate him or her on the dangers of taking too much alcohol.

A caring and listening partner will think twice about his or her behaviour.

3. You’re not alone

Dating an addict can be a tough process, but you need to remember you are not alone.

Many other people are struggling with addictions.

Hold on knowing that one day things will get better.

An addict can transform to become a better person in life. Do not give up on him or her.

Source: Hivisasa