Popular musicians who ditched singing in 2018

The year 2018 has been a beehive of activities for several Somali musicians who have since ditched the lucrative industry for new assignments.

One of the key motivators that compelled them to quit singing is the Islamic religion.

Some of those artists who quit singing in 2018 include;

1. Hamda Queen

She is one of the highly talented and successful musicians Somali community has ever had. In late October this year, Hamda Queen publicly announced that she had stopped singing for new assignments that involve preaching and teaching Islam in the war-torn country of Somalia.

“Popular Hargeisa based Somali Musician Hamda Queen has announced that she has quit the music industry. This follows recent announcement by Musician Ahmed Biif that he had switched careers to become an Islamic teacher,”

2. Ahmed Biif

Just like  Hamda Queen, Ahmed also ditched singing after years of success and celebrity status.

After going public on the move, singer Ahmed opted to be an Islamic teacher in Somalia.


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