Koinange gets cosy with Somali lady, causing stir

Citizen TV presenter Jeff Koinange with an unidentified lady. [Source/Facebook/Manu Abib]

A photo of Citizen TV presenter Jeff Koinange with an unidentified lady thought to be from the Somali community has gone viral on various social media platforms.

The photo, which was first posted at the ‘Mandera Tribune’ Facebook page, has sparked impassioned debates with a number of users ridiculing the anonymous lady for going against Somali traditions, right from her mode of dressing.

However, what seemingly angered the users most of who are Kenyan Somalis is the fact that the lady posed suggestively with the Jeff.

For most of the comments, one thing that came out is the controversial cultural prohibition that Somalis should not romantically get involved with anyone outside the community.

Similar sentiments emerged in November 2018 when KTN’s news anchor Ben Kitili married her longtime Somali girlfriend Amina Mude.

Social media was, too, awash with degrading comments on the relationship. Many faulted Mude for being ‘insensitive’ to her cultural demands.

However, an equal number came to her defense given the fact that the couple already had a kid prior to their ‘secret’ wedding that involved a few of family friends and close acquaintances.

Source: Hivisasa