Ways to control drooling when asleep

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Drooling is okay for toddlers, but when it comes to adults, waking up to a foam of your spit can be annoying and quite embarrassing especially when you don’t sleep alone.

When you sleep, your muscles get to the point of relaxation which as a result, one could find himself or herself covered with a pillow full of drool.

However, drooling is mostly associated with babies, and since it is harmless to babies, then it is automatically not harmful to adults.

Too much drooling could be associated with health complications.

Excessive drooling can be a sign of a developing disease or a function taking place in the body.

If you happen to be a victim of drooling when asleep, here are some ways you can take control of the problem:

1. Change your sleeping position

This might be a natural trick you need if you are used to sleeping in one position that favours gravity to pull saliva out of your mouth.

Sleeping on your side or belly could highly result to drooling.

Hence, for you to take control of this problem, you should consider sleeping on your back.

2. Make sure your medicine isn’t the problem

Drooling may be caused by certain medications.

In this case, your mouth may produce too much saliva.

some medicines such as antibiotics are commonly associated with the production of too much saliva.

You need to consult the doctor for another prescription in such a case.

3. Keep your head up

Sleeping on a high raised pillow can reduce drooling.

Always choose a pillow that is comfortable and can be able to keep your head up all night.