Funny memes as Kenyans and Ugandans troll each other online

Most East African countries live in harmony with each other.

However, there are times when these countries drop the peace and “attack” each other online when an opportunity presents itself.

Recently, Ugandans and Tanzanians teamed up to attack Kenyan lady, Tanasha Donna for her engagement to Tanzanian bongo artist Diamond Platnumz.

Ugandans must have been furious after the Bongo star dropped their fellow Ugandan lady Zari Hassan, only for him to engage the Kenyan lady after a short time.

As expected, Kenyans teamed up and attacked them back.

Hilarious memes have emerged online with the two countries trying to compare each other’s culture and lifestyle.

This is not the first time the two countries have taken on each other in the online attacks.

However, it should be noted that there is nothing serious between the two countries, the attacks were just for fun.

Here are some of the funny memes between Kenyan netizens and Ugandans as seen on various social media platforms:

Kenyan vs Ugandan grandfathers [Source: urbannews254 Intagram]
Kenya lady vs Ugandan lady [Source: urbannews254 Intagram]
Kenyan matatu vs Ugandan matatu [Source: urbannews254 Intagram]
Ugandan vs Kenyan slay kings [Source: urbannews254 Intagram]
Kenyan vs Ugandan tailors [Source: urbannews254 Intagram]
Kenyan Uber driver vs Ugandan omudereva [Source: urbannews254 Intagram]

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