5 unexpected reasons you’re gaining weight despite eating healthy

It can be very difficult to determine the cause of your weight gain.

You may be working out and eating healthy, but you continue to gain too much weight.

Here are five reasons this may be happening:


Drugs have different effects and side effects on your body.

For instance, antidepressants can stimulate your appetite and antihistamines can interfere with your sleep pattern.

These drugs can have the ultimate effect of weight gain.

You need to review your medications if you want to avoid gaining too much weight.

2. Lack of sleep.

When your brain lacks energy from sleep, it gets it from food.

This leads to increased levels of hunger hormones,  ghrelin,  and reduced levels of satiety hormone,  leptin.

This results in increased appetite and failure of your body to recognise when you are full.

3. Stress

Well, as humans at one point you will be stressed.

This increases levels of stress in the body called cortisol which again increases appetite.

When most people are stressed, they mostly tend to eat junk foods like chocolates rather than fruits.

This also causes weight gain.

4. The quantity of food

You may be eating healthy food, but the quantity may be too much, which could also be the reason for your weight gain.

Just because a food is considered “healthy” doesn’t give you a leeway to consume “unhealthy ” amounts.

5. Rushing and skipping meals

The timing of eating certain foods is crucial in weight maintenance.

Research shows that people who are fond of skipping breakfast gain more weight than those who don’t skip.

Eating your meals in a rush can also lead to indigestion and hence weight gain.

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