Common lies we all tell during job interviews

Lying is common when it comes to job interviews.

Most people lie during job interviews because of the desperate situation they face.

As they say, desperate situations call for desperate measures.

In this case, there are some common lies most people tell during interviews.

Here are some of the common lies most people tell during job interviews:

1. Previous salary

Most people lie about their previous salary during job interviews.

For instance, if a person earned Sh 30,000 in his or her previous job, they will always give a higher figure.

This is very risky because the interviewer can easily contact your former boss and your lies could be uncovered.

2. I am a friendly individual

Honestly, not every person is social and cordial.

In any case, amid prospective employee meet-ups, we also need to depict ourselves as that exceptionally social individual in the workplace.

In most cases, most managers favour social and friendly people in an organisation.

3. I have for a long while been wishing  to work with your organisation

This is another enormous lie individuals tell.

In short, you severely need the job, and your sentiments about the organisation can come later after you’ve landed the position.

So regardless of whether you detest it, you would preferably fake it at any rate to get the job.

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