3 things you are doing that could be driving your man away

Source: Hivisasa


Men find it hard living with a woman who doesn’t meet their expectations in life.

A woman needs to understand how to make her man happy all the time.

Some small acts can make a man think twice even when he deeply loved you.

These are the acts that must be avoided if you are not ready to lose him.

If you do these three things, you’re driving your man away:

1. Intruding into his personal space

Your partner needs some space to do his things at his own pleasure.

Do not take too much of his space because you are likely to differ bitterly.

There are some things he can wish to do on his own without involving you in any way.

Respect these boundaries to keep your love life.

2. Demanding too many things from him

Are you over-demanding from your man?

Be satisfied with the little things he can offer you.

Do not put your man under too much pressure because you want to be happy.

Demanding a lot from a man is likely to piss him off.

3. Cheating on him with other men

No man can tolerate a cheating woman.

Cheating makes a man lose trust in you.

There are many things that you will lose once you decide to cheat on him.

Make sure you are faithful to him all the time regardless of the situation if you want to be happy in the long run.