3 ways a real man will prove he’s not afraid of commitment

Some Kenyan men fear commitment.

They only want women they can use and dump after a few months of dating.

Women find it hard to determine whether the man they are dating is afraid of being committed.

These are ways a real man will prove he’s not afraid of commitment

1. He involves you in his future

Does the man you are dating talk about his future plans?

Does he include you in those plans?

Well, a man who truly loves you will inform you what he intends to do in the coming days.

He will remind you of the things he wants to achieve before a certain period.

2. He introduces you to his friends

One of the indicators that a Kenyan man will soon commit is the readiness to introduce you to his close friends as well as relatives.

It is evident that he values you when he tells his friends about you.

A man who never fears talking about you is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

3. He is ready to compromise

At one stage of life, a right man will compromise with some things for the sake of love.

If he is too rigid then he will only end up disappointing you.

There is no need to deal with a man who drops such hints whenever you meet him.

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