3 ways to talk about the future without making him run

Starting a relationship is easy, but maintaining one can be a tough experience especially if there is lack of communication.

One of the things you must address in your relationship is future plans.

You need to know what your partner is up to before you find yourself on the wrong side.

Here are three ways to talk about the future without making him run:

1. Analyse your motives

You must find out why you really want to discuss the future with him or her.

Is he or she the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Before opening lines of communication, make sure you are prepared for anything.

2. Be realistic

Do not over expect when discussing the future.

Always make sure you are realistic in the things you discuss with him or her.

Some things are not worth discussing because they could change his or her perspective about life.

Do not put him or her to task yet you expect them to address things that seem unreal.

3. Don’t be judgmental

Do not start a conversation with a judgmental attitude.

You are less likely to get the facts right if you want to judge them in one way or another.

Instead, you should be open-minded when it comes to discussing your future plans with him.

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