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Do this when he doesn’t treat you right in front of his friends

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How does he treat you in front of his close friends?

A man who truly loves you will never do anything to hurt you intentionally. He will also defend you all the time.

If you realise your love life doesn’t stand some things, then you need to rethink about it.

Do this when he doesn’t treat you right in front of his friends:

1. Talk to him in private

Communication is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Find time to discuss his behaviour in private.

Tell him how you felt after he mistreated you in front of his buddies.

Do not remind him about the same in public because he is likely to misunderstand you at the end of the day.

Make sure he is in the right mood when addressing the issue.

2. Take it easy

Do not confront your man because he is not shown you affection in public.

There might be reasons why he forgot to do so.

Stay calm if he doesn’t recognise you while in the public domain.

Some men do not love the aspect of public display of affection (PDA) when they are in front of their comrades.

3. Do not expect sudden change

It takes time to realise some things.

Discuss with him and wait for results after some time.

Change often takes some time especially if he is not comfortable with the idea.

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