Don’t mistake these things for real commitment

Finding a Somali man who is ready for commitment is not easy.

Most single Somali men only want to use women and dump them at the end of the day.

It takes some knowledge to know whether the man in your life is worth your time.

Sometimes we mistake simple acts to commitment from a man’s side.

Don’t mistake these things for real commitment:

1. Hanging out with his friends

Some women often think that a man who hangs out with them alongside his friends is ready for commitment, which is not the case.

He is likely to be a party animal.

There are more signs to look out for before you can determine whether he is really into you.

2. Romantic messages

Men are good at faking it until they make it.

Some of the romantic messages he sends are not deep from his heart.

He might be trying to lure you to fall for him, but he is not the right man to date.

3. Being too nice

Is the man too nice to you?

Well, he might be playing games with you.

Never assume that when he is too nice, he is ready for commitment.

He might be a serious cheater who is only trying to confuse you and dump you afterwards.

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