3 amazing health benefits of eating banana flowers

Bananas are common fruits that most people eat on a daily basis.

Bananas contribute a lot of nutrients to the body.

However, did you know that one could also eat banana flowers?

This is a rare thing for most people, but in reality, eating banana flowers is beneficial to your health.

Here are some health benefits that come with eating banana flowers:

1. Treats infections

According to research, it has been noted that banana flowers have the capability of treating infections.

More so, eating banana flowers can also help in preventing the growth of bacterial germs in your body.

The presence of ethanol extract in banana flowers gives them the capability to heal infections.

Therefore, If your body is prone to infectious diseases, eating banana flowers is an ideal way of hindering the infections.

2. Manages diabetes and anaemia

Banana flowers are rich in fibre hence help the body to break down food more slowly.

People who have diabetes can eat banana flowers to regulate their blood sugar.

On the other hand, banana flowers also have the capacity of increasing the rate of haemoglobin levels in your body.

3. Improves menstrual health

Some women experience heavy flows during their menstrual period or suffer from irregular periods.

However, did you know that eating banana flowers can improve your menstrual health?

Banana flowers boost the progesterone levels and also help to regulate a woman’s hormones, hence more regular periods.

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