Best age to give birth if you want intelligent children

Without any complications plus the current advancement in technology, women can give birth even at ages that were said to be unsafe and risky.

Many couples would prefer to give birth to bright and intelligent children who are brighter than themselves but they might not know this is achievable at a certain age.

Most people take to social media and especially Facebook pages to ask what they know concerning giving birth to bright children.

Some people believe that getting children when they are still as young as 18 will help them get intelligent children. There is also a myth that when you give birth in your most active years you will end up with very bright children.

However, researchers revealed that the best age for women to give birth to brightest kids is in their thirties, and mostly late thirties.

Researchers from London School of Economics analysed data from a study which closely monitored the lives of 18,000 children for a period of time to find out how the ages for their respective mothers impacted their level of intelligence.

A filed report was then made public in the scientific Journal of Biodemography and Social Biology revealing that women in their thirties gave birth to more intelligent children compared to those in their 20s and 40s.

The kids born by mothers in their late thirties were most likely to perform better in cognitive examinations.

The study finally reveled that mothers who give birth in their thirties for their first time were most likely to be well learned, in good and health relationships and understand better parenting.

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