5 computer tricks that you should know

There are some computer hacks that we wish we had learnt sooner. These are tricks that can boost your security and efficiency of your computer.

1.CTRL + T

CTRL plus T opens a new tab. When you are working on your computer, and you need to search for many things on the internet, you can just press that instead of doing it manually.

2. Ask Google

Did you know that you can ask Google what your PC problem is before going to an IT expert since most computer problems are simple and can be resolved by following a few simple steps?

This will help you save on the cost of maintenance; however, do not attempt if you are not sure what is wrong with the computer.

3. Use Airplane mode for high-speed charging

Your battery charges faster when in airplane mode since many features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are not functioning.

This will reduce the pressure on your battery making it charge as fast as possible.

4. Download images faster

You can download any Google image automatically by pressing ALT then click on it.

Avoid the long process of right clicking on it then click on save as image.

This trick will enable you to work faster.

5. Slow computer speed? Don’t worry

You can reduce the number of icons on your desktop to enable your computer to work faster.

You can create one or two folders and arrange everything in the folders, then put all the apps in your taskbar, and that will make your computer work efficiently at a good speed.

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