3 tips to avoid daytime sleepiness at work

By Hivisasa

A woman sleeping at work [ Source/videoblocks.com]

Have you been feeling sleepy at work in the recent past?

You are likely to lose your job for sleeping when you are supposed to be working.

It is normal to feel sleepy at daytime. However, persistent sleepiness could be an indicator that something is wrong somewhere in your life.

Too much sleep can affect your productivity in one way or another.

You must make sure you tackle this problem before it is too late.

Here are three tips to avoid daytime sleepiness:

1. Have adequate nighttime sleep

One of the reasons you are not having enough sleep is because you don’t get enough rest at night.

It is recommended to sleep for at least seven hours per night.

If you are a teenager, then you need around nine hours of good sleep time.

Regardless of your work schedule, make sure you spare adequate time to sleep.

2. Avoid bedroom distractions

Different things can distract us from sleeping well.

Remove things such as television and phones from your bedroom if you don’t want to have issues while resting.

Do not waste the entire night on the internet in the name of reading irrelevant posts on social media instead of sleeping.

3. Maintain a consistent wake-up time

When do you wake up every day? Irregular wake up times can affect you in the course of the day.

Ensure you sleep and wake up at specific times. Do not change your schedules if you want to avoid daytime sleepiness.