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5 things to do when you suspect your partner is cheating

By Hivisasa

A couple in an argument. [Source/bigiye.ug.com]

Discovering that the partner you trust so much is cheating is often devastating news.

We are living in a society where illicit extra-marital affairs are on the rise owing to societal changes.

Many people have been caught in cheating escapades leaving scars to themselves and their loved ones.

Here is what-to-do-if-you-catch-your-partner-cheating:

1. Stay calm

Psychologist and image consultant Dr Jennifer Rhodes says staying calm is the best thing to do when confronting a cheating partner.

She recommends for professional help before confronting a cheating partner.

The consultant further warns against sharing information about your cheating partner on social media.

2. Be direct

When confronting a cheating partner, you should be direct and go straight to the point.

Ask him or her about your suspicions and what he or she is up to.

Beating around the bush gives a cheating partner space to ‘shop’ for escape routes.

3. Find out why he or she is cheating

Before confronting him or her for cheating, it is best to find out why it is happening.

4. Identify what you need from your partner

Before jumping into conclusion on whether to stay or not, evaluate the relationship and find out what you need in the affair especially when children are involved.

5. Seek help

Before deciding to quit or stay, it is advisable you get psychological help.

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