5 things to keep in mind when on the verge of giving up

Life sends us to different places to confirm affirmations. Each day that passes we encounter different situations where we are required to make decisions. Bearing in mind that every decision will always have its consequences, our hearts and minds will never get to the idea of quitting till we get to the summit, provided that we have made the decision.

Here are five things we should keep in mind when on the verge of giving up.

Life itself is worth living

Once we let this reality sink in, everything else will be worthwhile. You will see the beauty of living from every angle. We might forget everything else but we can never forget any act of kindness, the roses, invitations to talk, nature, smiles from strangers and every other little thing in life that counted. Every experience in life whether bad or good will always shape us as it is always a lesson.

It is part of our journey… It’s meant to be

The journey won’t be balanced without the sad and the happy moments all together. Whatever we go through, be it a bad breakup, financial constraints, suffering, sickness are all part of the journey. We tend to complain at times, but what if? What if it was the best thing that could ever happen to us? What if it was meant to happen? We forget that it is everyone’s journey. Always cherish each moment in life because you don’t know what your tomorrow will be like.

We are able, we have all it takes to be where we’ve always wanted to be

In life, we should have faith, a right attitude and positive energy. We get worried about failed plans or anything that goes wrong. We stay there wandering but we forget that we can still make it. Failure doesn’t define us, and once we pray our prayers will be answered. We can afford to stay positive when we have all the reasons to give up and let people know how strong we are but never showing them the true source of our strength because not everyone deserves to know. Always try to be understanding and work in wisdom whenever you can.

We have dreams

The unfulfilled dreams and plans should be a drive. We all want to live and see each come true because achieved dreams are the secret to true happiness. Your loved ones will be happy and you will be happy for yourself and smile at how far you’ve come for finally making it when you thought you could quit and let nature take its course. Never stop dreaming. Work, toil with a purpose for it must pay off in the end.


Regret is an appalling waste of energy. We wallow in sadness and worry at times when we feel it’s almost over. We worry about the wrong decisions we made and the wrong paths we took and forget it’s all in the past and that there is nothing we can do to change that fact. Most often we are filled with regret over things we didn’t do. Giving up can never be a solution to our problems. What matters is how we handle the situation at hand.

By not giving up, we can be able to look back someday and marvel at our good choices; choices of holding on, pushing ahead when quitting was an option. This is an amazing fact of how beautiful life can really be. Showing up in life for who we are and living the best life we can is the key to unlocking the greatest potentials in life.

It might be dark now, but one day after a long struggle, things come to a change. Be determined always and keep going at it because we never know when things will take a different turn. The darkest and hardest trials in life are the ones that come before our breakthrough. The key is staying persistent because at any given moment you are at the tipping point and success awaits you right ahead. We should never give up!

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