3 Selfish Things That Kill Relationships [Must Read]

Selfishness and relationships don’t go hand in hand, but people bring their selfishness into relationships without knowing.

It’s impossible to bring in your selfish lifestyle into your relationship and make it succeed.

People tend to be selfish without noticing the negative impact it brings to their relationships. More often than not, people display selfish tendencies without knowing it, and selfishness is a natural part of humans, but it takes discipline to curb what selfishness can do.

These are some selfish acts people display in their relationships without knowing it:

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When you always claim to be right, it’s a sign of selfishness. Learning to look at things from your partner’s angle is a sign of selflessness, and would do your relationship a whole lot of good.


Wanting to have things your way is even worse than claiming to be right. A relationship is a two-way street; it isn’t a competition between two people, but is an opportunity for two people to come in unity. There’s no victory in having things your way, but when two partners come together in understanding — that is the victory.


Partners tend to use blackmail as a cheap way of getting things from their partners or having what they want in a relationship. Blackmail is never nice, and is a sign that you do not care about your partner’s emotions. By blackmailing your partner, you disrespect his/her emotions.

These three things are signs of selfishness, and if you aren’t careful you’d hurt your relationship.

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