Why your commitment in the relationship can still make your partner cheat

Being committed in your relationship as well as being close to your partner is something everyone should embrace, but beware, too much of something is close to toxic poison.

This singer from Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi said in a Swahili lyrics, “Usijifanye Ronaldinho penzi ukatia mbwembwe utaharibu.” Simply meaning don’t put more skills in your relationship because you will only ruin it.

It is said that couples who cheat end up doing it so that they can reduce the bond they had with their loved ones.

Just because he or she is not ready to commit to you or to be close to you, they may decide to cheat with the sole aim of reducing that closeness and level of commitment.

Some people may have come from painful and hurting relationships which could still be fresh in their minds hence fear to fall in love again.

These types of persons cheat and even don’t hide it from their partners sometimes, to make their lovers notice the behaviour change, and at the end of the day, reduce their level of closeness and commitment.

Other things that may lead to cheating include loneliness, anger, past memories-you bump into your ex in a shopping mall and your memories are reignited, unmet interests, among many others.

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