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3 ways sexually addicted husbands lie to their spouses

By Hivisasa

A couple arguing.[Source/thefix.com]

Sexual addiction is a real problem. Majority of men find it difficult to accept and are forced to stay behind the reality.

This problem is rarely addressed since sex addicts are always afraid to open up or make their spouses realise their condition.

The majority are forced to devise ways to help them keep up with their families.

The following three ways are used by the male sexual addicts to survive in their houses:

1. Denying straight

Sexually addicted men will try to convince their partners that nothing is going wrong even when the latter looks obvious.

They will always give an excuse for staying out late or for unusual perfume on their shirts.

2. Perfect father and husband

Sex addicts will try and make their women believe them.

They will do everything that is expected of them until you cannot suspect that they might be playing you on the other end.

After having sex in the parking lane, he will rush home to clean dishes or take the children to swim.

3. Picking up unnecessary fights

Sexually addicted husbands will always look for an excuse not to stay in the house.

They rekindle old arguments to get you mad at them.

This gives them a reason to visit prostitutes or barmaids.

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