How to get over a crush

Effectively dealing with a crush on someone or getting over it can be very difficult, especially if you see the person daily.

They seem to be deeply embedded inside your brain, and their image always lingers around.

Everything almost ceases to exist, and the thought of having them excites your nerves and sends sensational impulses all around the body.

A crush can be two-way. You need a little bit of tenacity actually to get over it.

But how will that be possible? Well, find out below:

1. Talk it over

It’s a universal truth that if you want to get through a problem, you have to acknowledge its existence and face it head-on.

Similarly, if you have a crush on someone, the best way to get over it is to talk it over to someone close to you.

You can alternatively approach your crush and tell them about what you feel.

If they reject you, you are free, and if they accept you and return the feelings, that becomes something special.

2. Do not obsess

If they are playing hard to get, obsessing over them will only kill you inwardly.

Admire but remember to keep a considerable distance as well as your peace of mind.

If you let them infiltrate you through obsession, they may never even be yours especially when they realise you are too aggressive.

Play your cards safe and divert your attention from them by doing something different.

3. Know your worth

Anyone can have a crush; you will be aggressively drawn to a person in such a way that you even lose touch with who you are.

Work your way back by telling yourself that you probably deserve better.

Tell yourself that you are important, and don’t let anyone rob you of your identity.

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