3 signs you are about to get rejected

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A woman on her phone [Source/Shutterstock.com]

There is this woman who is playing hard to get, and you have been trying all means to win her heart.

Sometimes you have to understand that everything happens for a reason.

She is likely to reject your moves because of reasons best known to her.

There is no reason to be offended if she says no to your proposal.

Here are three signs a woman wants to reject you politely:

1. Few words reply

The way a woman responds to your messages is very important.

If she is ever giving your short responses, then it shows she is not interested in the affair.

If the woman persists in sending you very short messages whenever you text her, then think twice.

She is only trying to tell you that things are not likely to work out for the two of you.

2. She gives open-ended answers

Does the woman give you open-ended answers?

Well, it could be a sign that she doesn’t want to be committed to you.

A woman will use different tactics to avoid you.

She will evade everything that can pin her down at the end of the day.

3. She tells you she is ever busy

Some women pretend to be too busy just to make you give up.

When a woman is ever telling you she has something to do; she is simply telling you to leave her alone.

Do not take long to realise she’s playing games with you. Winning the heart of such a woman can be tough.