5 common reasons a guy doesn’t reply to your texts

It’s quite disturbing not to get a response to a text, leave alone a late reply.

Unless a guy explains why he never messaged back, your mind will be filled with bizarre questions and possible answers.

If you still don’t understand why he doesn’t reply, here are five common reasons a guy may not respond to your texts:

1. Too busy

He might have been too busy to reply and deem that it will be useless to text back since much time has passed. In such a case, he could be waiting for you to text again.

2. He’s not sure about you

Sometimes he could be thinking he doesn’t deserve you. He doesn’t know how to go about it or what to say. He decides to keep quiet instead.

3. Unfinished business type

He might be a guy who shows interest but not sure with what he really wants.

He might have lost interest on the way and couldn’t just finish off.

4. Lazy to come plainly

Some guys know they are not interested but just won’t let you know straight away.

They want you to find out for yourself. If you can’t figure it out, you will keep hanging.

5. Immaturity

The guy might be immature with ego. He thinks replying to your text immediately would mean he’s a villain.

They want to show some superiority by snubbing texts.

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