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Your partner is more likely to cheat if they have these jobs

By Hivisasa

Girl spying on her partner.[Source/plus.google.com]

Have you ever wondered why your partner is always cheating on you? Well, maybe his or her profession led them to do that.

If your partner is in one of these professions, chances of them cheating on you are very high:

1.Gym instructors/personal trainers

It’s no lie that people fall for their personal trainers.

The well-defined abs, muscles and generally the alluring fit body make them potential candidates for cheating.

They might not have the intention of hitting on someone, but people will continuously chase and hit on them, and he might just fall for it.

2.Flight attendants and pilots

The fact that pilots and flight attendants leave their partners at home and spend most of their time on the skies make them prone to cheating.

They may be tempted to find a man or woman to relax with when the need arises, and since they meet new people daily and this kind of temptation might be hard to resist.


Unless your ‘receptionist partner’ has real self-control, it is likely that he/she may cheat on you.

By nature, a receptionist is usually in close contact with different people 24/7 and is expected to be nice and friendly to each one of them.

However, sometimes they can be too friendly or too nice that it may lead to flirting, which may lead to exchanging numbers and eventually cheat on you.


The glitz and glam that come with the showbiz or entertainment industry make it a very conducive environment for cheating.

Even if they’re not physically attractive, they will use the money, fame and power factor to get any girl or guy they want.

They also work mostly with gorgeous models for their projects, especially, musicians and photographers, in which most of the time they’re half to fully naked.

And with this, the idea of cheating might come so easy to them.


This might not come as a surprise because most people in the hospitality industry usually have late nights.

Working in a nightlife environment such as a club or bar can be very dangerous because you meet all sorts of personalities, which can tempt you into cheating on your partner.

So if you have a gullible partner, chances are they have or will cheat on you.

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