Why your boyfriend doesn’t find you attractive anymore

Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend is treating you with contempt, no longer calling you or having a good time with you like he used to do before?

Well, this is an indication that he is no longer interested in you and wants to abandon you. If you have noted such signs, then think twice about that relationship. So here are some reasons why he doesn’t find you attractive anymore:

1. He is probably dating another woman

This could be a reason why he doesn’t treat you like before.

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When a man is dating a different woman, they become so much obsessed over the woman to the point that he stops thinking about you.

2. Everything you do seems to upset him

There are certain things some women do that renege men’s anger.

A man may change his attitude towards his woman due to differences in the relationship.

For example, when you keep demanding a lot of things he may not afford such as an iPhone, a dress, Lexus, among others, this may easily push him away.

3. You are no longer good in bed

Apparently, this could also be the reason why he isn’t bothering you with phone calls and pampering you like before.

He sees you unattractive because you don’t deliver accordingly when it comes to making love.


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