Bae feels cherished if you do these 3 things in public

The best thing that can ever happen to a woman is finding someone who cherishes and loves her from the bottom of his heart.

The little acts of love will make a woman never walk away from you no matter what you go through in life.

Women love men who prove their love even in public. They feel cherished when men do these three things in public:

1. Introduce her to friends

A woman feels extra special whenever she is introduced in public.

This simple act makes her feel like she is the only woman in the world.

Make sure you give her attention whenever you meet friends if you want things to work well in your relationship.

2. Refrain from showing anger in public

It is painful when someone attacks you in public.

No matter what she has done against your will, make sure you do not show your anger in public.

Wait until the right time before you can express the way you feel.

3. Showing her affection

Small acts such as holding your partner’s hand whenever you are walking will remind her of the love you have for her.

Ensure your partner feels loved when you are together in public.

Complimenting her in the presence of your friends could also make her fall in love with you even more.


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