Signs someone has deeper feelings for you

Sometimes people right in front of us maybe deep in love with us but we don’t realise it.

Here are five signs someone has deeper feelings for you.

1. If something happens, they’ll break the news to you first

If you know someone who does this, just know they’re head over heels in love with you.

Whether good or bad, you will be the first person they will share the news with.

This is a sign that they have developed a deep bond towards you, and trust you enough to share the news with.

2. They remember the little important details about you

When someone remembers every single detail, from the tiny things to big ones, he or she is definitely into you.

This means they care so much about you that they can’t help but remember even the tiny details about you.

It may be the outfit you wore when you first met, your favourite colour, your favourite meal, your birthday, any other dates that mean a lot to you, or any relevant thing that’s of significance to you.

3. They’ll introduce you to important people in their lives

If you know all their family members and important friends, just know the feelings aren’t shallow.

By going out of their way to introduce you to the most important people in their lives, they’re showing you they want to get closer to you emotionally.

4. Wants to spend more time with you

If they want to stay and be around you as much as they can, it’s an indication they have deeper feelings for you.

Even if they have to go, they’ll always find excuses to stick around.

5. They ask for your opinion on something before making a decision

If they do this, it means they love you enough to trust your judgement. Take it as a compliment.


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