‘Weird’ things women do when they get jealous

Jealousy is a normal feeling felt by everybody at one point or another.

Women are masters of jealousy most especially with those whom they are in love with. They tend to be that jealous since they are afraid of losing the person they love dearly.

As a result, when women happen to be jealous, they will end up doing crazy stuff just to prove their feelings.

Here are some weird things women do when they get jealous.

1. Suddenly changing mood

In most cases, when a woman gets jealous she will change her mood. They mostly do this as a way of hiding their feelings.

To spice it up, women are known to be moody and therefore, there is always a high chance for them to get moody each and every time when they feel jealous.

2. Asking a friend to stalk

When women get jealous, they will always ask their friends to stalk in order to know the real deal. More so, they prefer sending their girlfriend on these types of mission, in order for them to not give a direct idea that she has eyes on you.

3. Lying

Women are good at pretending that everything is fine when things are not. When a woman is jealous, she will definitely lie to you in order for her to hide her feelings from you.

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