Simple strategies for surviving strained relationships

Dating has endless challenges. It is painful to love someone and not get the same in return. However, before giving up on dating, it is worth giving it a try. Here are three simple strategies for surviving strained relationships.

1. Set boundaries

It is essential to set limits in a relationship if things are not working in your favour. Limitations can help you set the pace for the love affair. Make sure you do not cross the borders. Avoid the things that hurt your partner as much as possible if you want to realise happiness at the end of the day. The small things that are likely to make your partner develop a negative attitude towards you can end up weakening the love.

2. Speak out

Communication is crucial when things turn against you. Talk to your partner about how you feel. Don’t bottle up your emotions as this can hurt your relationship in future. If you are going through various challenges in your relationship, address them as soon as they arise.

3. Learn to be independent

Codependency can affect the way you relate with your partner. Do not be over-dependent on your spouse. Learn to live a life on your own. Do not let your partner control every aspect of your life. You need to work on your own to prove your worth. Showing a sense of independence will make your partner respect you even more.


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