Healthy fighting makes a couple stronger

Many people think that a couple that does not fight is the ideal one but the big question is, does love grow in such a situation?

The truth is you should not be afraid of confronting your partner and resolving amicably any disputes that may arise.

Fighting in a relationship is at times beneficial and here are the reasons why you should not be afraid of fighting with your lover.

1. Increases trust by strengthening your relationship

Constructive fights occurring within limits that pave way for you and your spouse to emotionally express yourselves will strengthen your relationship.

Once you weather the storm, you will have a clear mind about your partner hence increasing understanding between partners. As a result, trust is strengthened.

2. Enhancing intimacy

Healthy arguments occurring in a respectful way improve intimacy. You get to know how to behave towards each other thereby, deepening intimacy.

In fact, in most instances when couples fight, they apologise and in the end, get intimate. This generates closeness.

3. Improves your health

When you fight and get to be honest with each other, it benefits your health. When you talk about what is bothering you, you will clear cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline, as well as releasing endorphins. As a result, you gain happiness and become healthier.

4. Character improvement

Fights strengthen your relationship by improving patience, love and care levels towards your lover. In some instances, you adapt to your partner’s faults. However, you should not fight too often.

5. Clearing grudges

In most cases, couples argue in an effort to express an individual’s opinion on a particular issue.

Speaking out clears the air, and eliminates chances of a grudge. Knowing what to expect from your lover creates a healthy environment, which strengthens your relationship.


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