5 things single people wish you would stop saying

Being single is part of life as no one got into dating life without going through this phase.

However, some people who are in a relationship happens to underestimate those who are single. As a result, they end up asking questions that they should not.

Here are some questions and statements that single people wish you never spoke about.

1. Are you dating anyone?

This is one type of a question that single people hate when asked with most especially people who you already know that they are single.

Most of the single people when asked this, they take it to be a way of teasing and mocking them.

2. I know your time will come

Single people do not like this statement as it sounds as if you are sorrowful for their state which is not a good feeling at all.

3. Don’t you want to have kids

Obviously, you are single and this should indicate that you have not yet thought of having kids or a family.

People who ask this happen to seem rhetoric towards single people.

4. How is a single life?

Most single people hate this type of question since they are not professional to tell whether a single life is good or not.

5. My friend would be perfect for you

Single people hate it when one tries too much him or her with a friend.

This is because they hate when someone tries to make them incapable of finding themselves a partner.


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