Want to spend the rest of your life together? 3 sacrifices to make

Love is a sacrifice. There are different things you must deny yourself if you want to make things work on your part.

Sometimes we fail our partners because we do not understand what they want. It is until we read from the same page is when we can make love last.

Here are three sacrifices to make if you want to spend the rest of your life with him;

1. Sex life

Sex can make or break your love life. Sometimes we make love to our spouses just to keep them in the relationship even when we are not in the moods. Denying your partner sex is the last thing you can do. Make sure the conjugal needs of your partner are met all the time.

2. Income

You must sacrifice to ensure you make enough to sustain your life. The income you make might not be adequate to pay bills. You will be required to go the extra mile in life if you want to make things easier in your life.

3. Don’t think about yourself all the time

True love is selfless. Always think about the needs of your partner. Do not think that it is all about you. Remember your partner needs love the same way you do.


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