3 reasons why she has lost interest in you

Have you been wondering why things changed so rapidly? She was deeply in love with you but it’s no longer the case. She always wanted to be with you but she has completely lost interest in you.

Here are three reasons why she has lost interest in you.

1. Cheating

If you start cheating on her and she notices, she will not treat you the way she used to. This is because she feels she is no longer a priority in your life. You must strive to be faithful if you want to win her back.

2. Change of priorities

Do you still take her out for dates every weekend as you used to? Do you call her every night before she sleeps? Do you still make her feel special? If you the answer is no then this might be the reason. Women want to be loved and be treated as a priority and your actions should affirm that.

3. Lack of respect

If you do not listen to her opinion, you constantly reject her ideas and undermine her then she will completely lose interest in you. Do not expect her to still love you yet you do not ask for her suggestions on issues affecting your relationship. A change of behaviour and attitude is vital if you want to salvage your relationship.


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